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Playfull Punjabi

Punjabi Flash Cards-Gurmukhi Alphabets- Punjabi Letters

Punjabi Flash Cards-Gurmukhi Alphabets- Punjabi Letters

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Unleash the joy of language with our exclusive gift - a set of 42 Punjabi Flash Cards, the ultimate introduction to Gurmukhi for kids!

Each card showcases the captivating Gurmukhi alphabet on one side, accompanied by a vibrant picture on the other. The pronunciation is thoughtfully provided in both Punjabi and English, enhancing the learning experience for children.

Measuring 6 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide, these cards are perfectly sized for little hands to explore and interact with.

With these engaging flash cards, language learning becomes a delightful journey of discovery, making it the perfect gift to nurture young minds.

Inspire your little ones with the magic of language and culture - our Punjabi Flash Cards, designed to ignite a love for Gurmukhi from an early age!

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