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Punjabi Board Books For Kids- Set of 6 Books

Punjabi Board Books For Kids- Set of 6 Books

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Introducing our exciting set of 6 board books, thoughtfully curated to make Punjabi learning fun for kids of all ages!

  1. My Animal Book
  2. My Birds Book
  3. My Fruits Book
  4. My Vegetables Book
  5. My Colors Book
  6. My Numbers Book

Enchanting young minds with their captivating real images, these books create an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Designed to ensure inclusivity, each book features Punjabi words accompanied by English translations and transliteration, making language exploration seamless.

Crafted with utmost care, these 8*7 Inches board books boast a high-quality board material with a glossy finish, guaranteeing safety and durability. Bid farewell to worries about paper cuts, rips, or any risk of ingesting paper - your child's safety is our priority!

Unlock the joy of Punjabi learning for your kids with our delightful and enriching board book set, igniting their curiosity and love for the language from an early age.

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