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Punjabi Board Books for Kids- My Colors Book & My Numbers Books

Punjabi Board Books for Kids- My Colors Book & My Numbers Books

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Introducing our captivating collection of Punjabi Board Books designed especially for kids - "My Colors Book" and "My Numbers Book."

Our vibrant "Colors Book," featuring 12 common colors with accompanied by vibrant examples that will spark creativity and imagination in young minds for an interactive learning experience.

For the little ones eager to explore numbers, we have our delightful "Numbers Book" covering 1 to 10, presented through fun pictures that make counting a joyous journey.

Both books come with Punjabi and English translations, as well as transliterations to aid pronunciation and reading.

Crafted with utmost care, our 7*8 Inches books are printed on high-quality baby-safe board book material, boasting a glossy finish that guarantees safety and durability for endless hours of joyful exploration.

Rest assured, there are no worries of paper cuts, ripping, or any risk of ingesting paper, making these books perfectly safe for young readers.

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